CASE FORM# 9-6901


       You are bidding on a brand new professional reprint of the Case 1450B, 1455B Crawler Operator's Manual. This is the same exact literature that your local Case dealer provides with an equipment purchase. It is complete with 172 pages and loaded with operating instructions, safety information, maintenance charts and procedures. which are invaluable when it comes to assembly and disassembly of your machine and components.

     This reprint is exactly the same as you'd get from the dealer, except it's a cleaner print with better paper, ships fast, free and worldwide.

 You will not find a better reprint of this manual ANYWHERE!

Models Covered: 1450B, 1455B
Years Covered:
Serials Covered:
All Revisions, Up to Date?
Guaranteed Complete?
Missing Pages?
Binder Included?

Table of Contents:

Roll-Over Protective Structure
Location of Product Identification Number (PIN) and Serial Numbers
Operating Instructions

Fast Reference for Instruments and Controls
Instrument Panel
Cab Controls
Operator's Seat Belt
Run-in Period
Engine Operation
Service and Checks Before Starting
Starting the Engine
Stopping the Engine
Starting Aids
Crawler Operation
Adjusting the Seat
Transmission Controls
Stopping the Crawler
When Operating on a Hill
Procedure to Move a Disabled Machine
Procedure to Transport the Machine 
Operating in Cold Temperatures
Operating in Hot Temperatures
Loader Operation
Safety When You Work
Loader Control Levers
Raising and Lowering the Bucket 
Rolling Back or Dumping the Bucket
Filling the Bucket
Bucket Level Indicator
Bucket Height Control
4-ln-1 Bucket
Positioning the Bucket and Clam
Dozer Operation
Safety When You Work
Engine Speed and Transmission
Range Control
Control Levers
Ripper Operating Instructions
Dual Pull-Behind Hydraulics Operations
Winch Operating Instructions
Operating in Cold Temperatures
Fuels and Lubricants
Diesel Fuel Specifications
Fuel, Fluids and Lubricants Chart
Maintenance and Lubrication
Run-in Maintenance Chart
Maintenance Chart for Regular Intervals
Safety Before Servicing
Grease Fittings
Engine Lubrication System
Oil Level
Oil Change
Engine Oil Filters
Air Cleaner System
Restriction Indicator
Cap for the Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner (With Dust Cup)
Strata Air Cleaner (If Equipped)
Engine Cooling System
Coolant Level
Ethylene Glycol Coolant
Procedure to Clean the Cooling System
Fuel System
Fuel Tank
Checking and Servicing the Fuel
Replacing Fuel Filters
Removing Air From the Fuel System
Electrical System
Fluid Level of the Batteries
Hydraulic System
Oil Level
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Hydraulic Oil Screen
Hydraulic Reservoir Breather
Oil Change
Transmission Hydraulic System
Oil Level
Transmission Oil Filter
Transmission Oil Screen
Transmission Breather
Transmission Oil Change
Final Drives
Oil Level
Oil Change
Track System
Parking Brake and Manual Brake
Drive Belts
Loader Service
Winch Service
Seat Belt and Suspension Seat
Procedure to Put the Machine in Storage
Procedure to Remove the Machine from Storage
After Delivery check of a New Machine

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